How to Change or Reset Mac Account Password in 2022 [Updated Guide]

If you want to keep your information safe and secure that is stored in your Mac, then change your password in a regular iteration. So don’t provide a weaker password. If you’ve forgotten your Mac login password or macOS user account password, you can change it easily. To change or reset your Mac login and macOS user account password, read our article. Here you’ll get the procedures for

  1. Mac login password
  2. macOS user account password
  3. Admin account

1.How to Change or Reset Mac Login Password?

You can change or reset your Mac login password with the easiest steps provided by us below.

  1. Change Mac Login Password
  2. Reset Mac Login Password

1.A. Change Mac Login Password

Change your Mac login password with the below given steps.

Step1: Go to the Apple menu and tap System Preferences.

Change Mac Password

Step2: Now choose Users & Groups and select Change Password.

Change Mac Password
Change Mac Password

Step3: Type the current password and also type the new password twice.

Change Mac Password

Step4: Select the Key button in the new password text field box. This will help you to remember the Mac login new password.

Step5: Then append a hint in the text field box. This works when you’ve entered the wrong password three times or when you tap on the question mark icon in the password field in the Log-In page by displaying the hint you appended.

Step6: After doing all these steps, click Continue.

1.B. Reset Mac Login Password

You can reset your Mac login password via Apple ID or Recovery key. To do so, follow the steps.

Step1: Restart your Mac by either choosing Apple menu > Restart or tap Power button > Restart.

Reset Mac Password

Step2: Now click on the user account and click on the question mark icon.

Reset Mac Password

Step3: Select the arrow next to reset it using your Apple ID if you want to reset using your Apple ID.

Step4: Select the arrow near reset it using your recovery key if you want to reset the password using the recovery key.

Step5: If you’ve selected to reset using Apple ID, type the Apple ID login details.

Reset Mac Password

Step6: If you’ve selected to reset using recovery key, then enter the recovery key.

Step7: And now reset your new password for Mac login.

Login with the new password to unlock your Mac.

2.How to Change or Reset macOS User Account Password?

The macOS user account is also the account used to unlock your Mac. If your Mac has multiple users, you can create multiple accounts for the macOS users and guest log in for guest users. To change or reset your macOS user account password do the below-given procedures.

  1. Change macOS user account password
  2. Reset macOS user account password

2.A Change macOS User Account Password

Do the below given steps accordingly to change macOS user account password.

Step1: Select Apple menu -> System Preferences.

Step2: Now choose Users & Groups and select the user account from the appeared list of accounts.

Change Mac Password

Step3: After selecting Change Password, type the old password and new password for two times.

Change Mac Password

Step4: Add a hint and select Continue.

Now the password is changed.

2.B. Reset macOS User Account Password

You can reset the macOS user account password either via Apple ID or recovery key. Using Apple ID to reset macOS user account password is only supported by some of the macOS versions. To reset your password with the recovery key, FileVault must be turned On.

Step1: Append the wrong password three to five times in Log-In page.

Step2: If the window displays that you can reset your password using Apple ID or using the recovery key.

Step3: If reset using Apple ID is asked, select the arrow next to that message.

Reset Mac Password

Step4: Enter the Apple ID and password.

Reset Mac Password

Step5: Or if you’ve thought to reset using Recovery key, select the arrow next to the message.

Step6: Enter the recovery key.

Step7: Now type your new password twice and add a hint.

Step8: Select Reset password.

Then restart and login with your new password.

3.How to Reset Password Using Admin Account?

Reset your account password using the Admin account by following the steps instructed below.

Step1: To do so, you need to login with the other Admin account.

Step2: Click the Apple menu->System Preferences.

Step3: Choose Users & Groups and click the Lock icon.

Step4: Provide the Admin name and password of the Admin account.

Reset Mac Password

Step5: Now select the user account in which you want to reset the password.

Reset Mac Password

Step6: Append the new password and its verification by appending it again.

Step7: Add a hint.

Step8: After doing all the proceedings confirm your new password by tapping the reset password.

Our Opinion

Change or reset your Mac login or macOS password with the above-given steps. You can reset both Mac login and macOS user account passwords using the Admin account. We hope that our above given simple and elaborated procedures will be very useful to you.

Thank you!

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