How to Download and Install BET Plus on Firestick? [Updated June 2022]

In our everyday life, we are doing the same routine things to value our time. There are some other differences always there for us to make a try of it. Everybody has a separate life to live but we are passionate about knowing the different things that lie on the earth. BET Plus is an application, which is used to know the African American culture in the form of media content. In this guide, we are going to know about how to use BET Plus App on a Firestick device.

BET Plus

BET Plus on Firestick

BET Plus is an African American Cultured online streaming platform, which was owned by ViacomCBS. Then BET Plus has over 1 million users, then it was launched in the year 2019. You can use this BET Plus in the United States, American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Palau, Puer to Rico, Virgin Islands. In this BET Plus, you can watch the BET Plus Original movies and television series which includes feature films, stand-up comedy, drama, documentaries, reality shows, exclusive international distributions, and specials. So here we thought, what is the cost of the app? Here the answer is, BET Plus costs only $9.99/month, it is a reasonable and budget-friendly price for those who are fans of black cultured movies and video content. Then there was no announcement regarding the annual subscription plans on BET Plus app.

Is BET Plus available on Firestick?

Yes, you can directly get this BET Plus app on Firestick, if it is not available means you can Sideload this BET Plus on Firestick. If above mentioned both the options, didn’t work means you can go with the Casting method.

How to Download BET Plus on Firestick?

So follow the procedures given below to get the BET Plus app on Firestick.

There are three methods

  • Direct download through Firestick
  • Sideload on Firestick through Downloader app
  • Casting Method

Procedures for downloading BET+ on Firestick

In this method, you can directly download the BET Plus App on Firestick by following the given steps below.

Step1: Power on your Smart TV and your Firestick device then connect them both through the HDMI port.

Step2: Check whether your Smart TV and Firestick device was connected to the same internet.

Step3: Get into the Amazon App Store on your Firestick device.

Step4: click on the Search zone, and search for the app by typing BET Plus in it.

BET Plus on Firestick

Step5: Select the BET Plus app from the Search list, tap on it then click on the Go option and click Continue.

BET Plus on Firestick

Step6: Click on the Download option, BET Plus app starts to download.

Step7: After downloading the BET Plus app, sign in or log in to your BET Plus subscription account.

Step8: Now, you can start to watch your favorites of BET Plus on Firestick.

Alternative Methods

Procedures for downloading BET+ on Firestick through Sideloading Method

If the above-mentioned method didn’t work means use this method which is Sideloading method. In this method, we are going to download the BET Plus App on Firestick through the Downloader app, use the following steps.

Step1: Firstly, power on your Firestick and connect it with a good Wi-Fi network.

Step2: Get into the Firestick Homepage, navigate to the Settings option and click on the My FireTV section.

Step3: Move into the Developer option and enable the Apps from Unknown sources then turn it ON.

BET+ on Firestick

Step4: Now, get into the Search zone on the Firestick home page, enter the Downloader app in it.

Step5: Here, click on the Download option and Install it, then open the Downloader app.

BET+ on Firestick

Step6: Enter the BET Plus URL in the URL box, click on Go and the downloading process starts.

Step7: Install the BET Plus app and Open it, now sign up to the BET Plus and Subscribe to it

Step8: As of now, Open the BET Plus and start to watch your favorites in BET Plus through Firestick.

Procedures for downloading BET+ on Firestick through Casting Method

Step1: Get the BET Plus on your Smart Phone from the App Store or Play Store.

Step2: if you’re using the Android phone means Hold up the Firestick home button and select the Mirroring option on Firestick.

BET+ on Firestick

Step3: if you’re using the iPhone means to download the AirScreenapp and enable the Airplay by clicking the StartNow option on Firestick.

Step4: Now, get into your Settings zone or Control center of your Smart Phone.

Step5: Then click on the Cast Icon or Screen Mirroring option on your Smart Phone.

BET Plus on Firestick

Step6: As of now, click on any video on BET Plus, it’ll mirror on your Firestick.

Final Words

That’s all about the BET Plus app, you can use this on iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle, Amazon FireTV, Android TV, Vizio TV, Roku device, and other Web devices. This is a good platform to watch black cultured movies in form of application. Therefore, we feel pleasured to have your precious presence on this article about how to watch BET Plus on Firestick.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Firestick has BET Plus?

Yes, you can easily use the BET Plus application from the Apps section on the Firestick device, for more detailed explanations go through the above-mentioned article.

How much does BET Plus cost?

BET Plus app is a cost-efficient application, you can use it as a monthly subscription plan for $9.99 only.

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