20 Best Typing Software for PC in 2023 [Updated]

Life is getting easier day-by-day but it is tedious as well. Science and technology have invaded each and every field possibly. It is so certain that there is no life without technology. At this point in time, it is important to know the essential foundational skill named Keyboarding. It is important to know that to survive in this digital world. Now, let us ponder upon some of the Best Typing Software for PC.

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How to choose a Typing Software?

It is so evident that, it is important to acquire keyboarding skills in this digital era. It builds up the career for an individual. Before choosing a typing software tutor, one should look for some of the important aspects such as:

  • Price
  • User interface
  • Easy accessibility
  • Available platforms
  • Skills offered
  • Premium features
  • Free trial period
  • Users’ choice
  • Extensive lessons and programs
  • Lessons for different levels and age
  • Updated version

And many more aspects to look at before choosing a typing software tutor. An individual should be very open to ideas and suggestions before choosing one. Have a look at the below-given list and choose yours and acquire great keyboarding skills.

1. All The Right Type

All The Right Type is one of the major online typing software tutors for PC. It is basically opted by educational field members in order to have good learning of typing skills among students. The best part is that All The Right Type is a result of keyboarding specialists. It is designed in a way that it has a learning sequence for optimal learning.

  • All The Right Type costs $29.90
  • Free trial varies
    • For Home – one-day free trial
    • For School – 30-day free trial
  • It is an online typing software tutor – a web-based tutor
  • Available in 4 different versions such as – Home version, School version, iPad version, and Three Plus version
  • Quick learning of proper finger positions, posture, and movements can be acquired
  • Comprises of intuitive teacher tools
  • Offers foundational skill to support curriculum

2. Analytical Eye Typing Tutor

Typing Software for PC

Analytical Eye Typing Tutor was developed by Analytical Eye Technologies. It is one of the easiest typing software to learn and acquire typing skills. As a person, you get well-groomed in the arena of typing using an Analytical Eye Typing Tutor. Various exercises and games are developed by this typing software. Daily performance is enhanced with regular practice.

  • Free typing software for PC
  • Available on Windows
  • Improves your keyboard skills
  • Develops touch typing skills
  • Customize your exercises
  • Review your performance after each exercise
  • Easy-to-use interface, Display Time, Allow Backspace, Case-Specific, etc…

3. Animal Typing – Lite

Best Typing Software for PC

Animal Typing – Lite is one of the easiest and funniest way to learn touch typing. It is designed for people without any age bar. It is infused with animations but suits people of all ages. Its animation is the key to proper touch typing lessons. Animal Typing – Lite offers multiple user accounts and various keyboard layouts in order to get well trained in typing in all keyboard layouts.

  • Free Typing Software for PC but you in-app purchases based on your purchase
  • Available on Windows, Android, and Mac
  • Simple and animated way to learn typing skills
  • Proper typing techniques via animated fingers
  • Bluetooth keyboard typing
  • 32 lessons to learn touch typing and also lessons for special characters in touch typing
  • Know your typing accuracy with respect to the characteristics of animals such as Cheetah, Snail, Horse, Rabbit, etc…

4. GS Touch Typing Tutor

Best Typing Software for PC

GS Touch Typing Tutor is specially designed for one-hand touch typing. This typing tutor takes the user towards a powerful touch-typing technique. It consists of QWERTY keyboard layout, Dvorak left, and Dvorak right keyboard layouts. It is developed in a way that it can be used by people of all ages.

  • GS Touch Typing Tutor costs $29.90
  • Available on Windows
  • With this, it’s easy to memorize the keyboard and enhance your typing speed
  • It offers a fun-filled learning experience and game-based fun activities
  • Easy-to-use interface and convenient learning process
  • Interesting lessons to acquire touch typing skills
  • Customize your lessons as per your interests and wish
  • In-product testing to know the weaker spots and enhance them

5. KAZ Typing Tutor

Typing Software for PC

KAZ Typing Tutor is software that develops typing skills. The Accelerated Learning Method offered will teach your typing within 90 minutes. This is one of the unique features of KAZ Typing Tutor. It is largely used in various places such as schools, colleges, universities, institutions, etc…

  • KAZ Typing Tutor has the following plans:
    • $24.99/user – Online
    • $34.99 – Download
    • $74.99 for 5 users of Family/Homeschool
  • Available on Windows, macOS, and Web
  • The brain Balancing feature keeps all your major senses engaged while learning to type
  • Around 5 effective course modules
  • Set custom goals and track your progress in keyboarding skills
  • Get with typing tests and enrich your typing skills
  • Learn A to Z of the keyboard within 4 hours

6. Klavaro Touch Typing Tutor

Typing Software for PC

Klavaro Touch Typing Tutor is a very popular touch typing tutor that works in an efficient way. It is globally identified because of its flexibility and customizing keyboard layouts. You can acquire all kinds of typing skills with the help of Klavaro Touch Typing Tutor. It possesses easy learning and increases your pace of typing.

  • Free touch typing software tutor for PC
  • Available on Windows and Linux
  • It possesses multi-keyboard and multi-language
  • Accepts external text and conducts internet contest
  • Provides four different practicing activities
  • Loaded with features that will help you to acquire all the keyboarding skills possible
  • Provides every aspect needed for a typist

7. KeyBlaze

Typing Software for PC

KeyBlaze has its fame of being a budget-friendly typing tutor. It offers around 150 activities in order to progress in your typing skills. It offers assessments in order to know your place in the arena of typing. KeyBlaze lets you customize your lessons and also your typing goals. It is also one of the best teaching tools.

  • KeyBlaze with 2 plans
    • Plus-Home @ $16.97
    • Plus – Commercial License @ $14.99
  • It also offers 3 versions such as free version, personal version, and commercial version
  • Available on Windows and macOS
  • Avail typing lessons for various keys such as neighbor keys, home keys, capitalization,  punctuations, etc…
  • It offers transcription practices
  • Get printable course completion certificates
  • Typing games in order to keep users engaged and fun-filled

8. Master Key

Typing Software for PC

Master Key is a simple and easy-to-use typing tutor. It deals with the following keyboard layouts as – QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY, and Dvorak and numerical keypad. Master Key possesses typing game that keeps the learners engaged. It is a kind of simple and straightforward typing software tutor.

  • Master Key costs $15 and a free trial period is available
  • Available on Windows, Vista, XP, and macOS
  • Distinct enough as it makes you learn quickly with its typing drills
  • Customize your typing drills and work on your weak spots
  • Features multi-class support, reports, editor, etc…
  • ParaTyper typing game engages students and syncs them with the teachers
  • Printable drill completion certificate

9. Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing

Typing Software for PC

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing is a software program partnered with Broderbund. This typing tutor focuses personally and objectively. Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing is one of the versatile typing software in the arena. It is apt for people of all ages and all levels. It comes with video guides, pop-up hints, and proper posture tips.

  • Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing costs
    • $19.99 for Single user
    • $29.99 for the Family edition
  • Available on Windows and macOS
  • Around 400 lessons to learn keyboarding skills.
  • Each lesson enhances your skills as it is a part of Progressive lessons
  • Good posture is the base for Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing
  • Combines various Teaching Methods from finger-to-key instructions to chained sentences and paragraphs
  • Customize your lessons and monitor your progress

10. RapidTyping

Typing Software for PC

RapidTyping is one of the better options for keyboarding skills training. With the multiple sessions and games offered by RapidTyping, one can enrich their typing skills. Its extensive training statistics lets the users know their performance level and accuracy very clearly. It teaches you to touch typing and also enhances your already borne skills.

  • Free typing software for PC
  • Available on Windows and portable USB
  • Available as Setup version and portable version
  • RapidTyping is a Typing Tutor, Typing Software and also offers Touch Typing, Typing Games, and Typing Test
  • Courses and lessons for all levels of typists irrespective of being a beginner, intermediate and expert
  • Virtual keyboard for knowing the proper positioning of your fingers
  • Easy-to-use and convenient

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11. RataType Online

Typing Software for PC

RataType stands as one of the best online typing tutors. It comes with 15 lessons and each lesson offers various exercises. It also lets the users compete with their friends and family with your typing skills. RataTypesupports various layouts apart from QWERTY such as Dvorak, AZERTY, Spanish, French, Russian, and Ukrainian.

  • Free online typing Software tutor for PC
  • Printable course completion certificates as per your achievement as Gold, Silver, or Bronze
  • Competitive typing arena
  • Typing lessons on various areas such as correct posture, finger motion, and position
  • Exercises should be redone, in case of many typos
  • Know your speed and accuracy with typing tests
  • Integrated keyboarding skills can be acquired through RataType

12. Tipp10 Typing Software

Best Typing Software for PC

Tipp10 Typing Software is a touch typing software that is available as both downloadable version and web version. It is easily accessible by beginners and even by children. You can customize your lessons and progress according to your specific needs. You get to enhance your typing skills with the help of the extensive progress tracker.

  • Free typing software for PC
  • Available on Windows, macOS, and Linux
  • Available as different versions such as – Online version, Software version, and School version
  • Intelligent  text selection and virtual assistance keyboard
  • Independent from platforms and available in multi-languages
  • Easy-to-use interface and user-friendly
  • Guides you towards learning of keyboard, proper finger positions, movement, etc…

13. Typesy

Typesy is one of the renowned cloud-based typing tutors. It offers its service for various purposes and users. It renders its service to businesses, schools, homeschooling, individuals, etc… Being a cloud-based typing tutor, you can sync it with other devices and gain your result from all the devices synced. Your typing goals should be set on your own as Typesy gives you instructions via Smart goals for your area of improvement needed. It is a very intuitive typing tutor.

  • It costs
    • Typesy Individual @ $9/month
    • Typesy Homeschool @ $17/month to $27/month
  • No free trial but offers a money-back guarantee of 12-months
  • Available on Windows, Mac OSX, Linux,  Chrome OS
  • Offers 517 exercises and customized instructions
  • Typesy games to keep children engaged in typing
  • Import content from your own device files, Wikipedia, e-books, web, etc…
  • Each lesson will begin with the video instructor giving information about the upcoming lesson
  • Tracks your progress and easy-to-use navigation and visual format

14. TypingClub

Typing Software for PC

TypingClub is well-known for being a gamified typing tutor. It is a web-based platform, which is one of the effective ways to learn keyboarding skills. TypingClub is a Google for Education Partner. It can be used for both individuals and school purposes. It even offers a Spelling & Vocabulary lesson plan for school students.

  • Free gamified typing tutor
  • Even paid version of the school edition is available
  • Guide for proper hand posture
  • Around 670 lessons to learn primary keyboarding skills
  • Interactive and easy-to-use interface
  • Voice over and Typing Playback features
  • Eye-catching statistics of your performances and etc…

15. Typing Instructor Platinum

Typing Instructor Platinum is one of the well-known typing tutors in the arena. It has some of the best features which let the users opt for Typing Instructor Premium over other typing tutors. It is available in various versions as per usage such as schools, homes, organizations, etc… Its features let the users enhance its longevity and usability.

  • Typing Instructor Platinum costs $29.99
  • Available on Windows
  • Dynamic learning features point out the areas you lack
  • Keystroke memory to learn typing skills
  • Choose your themes and set custom goals
  • Try and learn through different training modules
  • Loaded with various games and fun exercises

16. Typing Instructor Web

Typing Software for PC

Typing Instructor Web is one of the online typing software preferred by various groups of individuals such as schools, businesses, institutions, etc… All the followers of National Keyboarding Standards opt for Typing Instructor Web. It is a kind of alternative typing software offered by Typing Instructor Platinum.

  • Typing Instructor Web costs
    • $6.95 for 1 month
    • $14.95 for 3 months
    • $29.95 for 12 months
  • It is a web-based typing software for PC
  • Offers around 20 typing courses
  • Courses offered focuses on certain keys, letters, or punctuations
  • Offers 3 different versions as per the needs of the users
  • Get live updates and feedback on your working on Typing Instructor Web
  • Consists of onscreen prompts, audio guidance, etc…

17. Typing Master

Typing Software for PC

Typing Master is a touch typing tutor that is preferred by various users. It stands distinct because of its Satellite Learning feature. Typing Master analyses your performance and tailors exercises as per your performance. It comes with fun-filled games, typing tests, test pro, and more engaging features.

  • Free touch typing software
  • Pro version costs $39.90 comes with a 7-day free trial
  • Available on Windows
  • Use Satellite Feature to keep track of your progress in typing skills and weaker points
  • Get more information on your progress with Progressive tests
  • Real-time analysis widget/ typing meter of your speed, accuracy, etc…
  • Get topnotch typing games, and fun-filled experience of learning typing skills

18. Typing Tournament Software

Typing Tournament Software is developed for kids and adults exclusively. As the name suggests, it conducts typing tournaments among student learners passively globally. There is no particular time constraint for learners to learn and progress in typing. You can directly go to the level of your existing skill rather than starting your training from the first.

  • Typing Tournament Software cost
    • Ranges from $10/month to $90/month for a single user
    • $3.28/year for School user
  • Available on Windows, macOS, Surface Tablets, iOS, Android
  • It is a web-based typing software compatible with the above-mentioned devices
  • Enhance your keyboarding skills with 128 lessons, drills, and games
  • Comprises of all essential features such as guidance, flexibility, challenges, rewards, motivation, etc…
  • Achieve speed goals and also the typing software keeps track of your progress and lets you achieve it easily
  • Progress reports will be furnished on each level on a weekly basis

19. Typing.com

Typing Software for PC

Typing.com is one of the popular typing tutors which lessens the burden of typing for beginners. It also deals with experts and intermediates typists. Typing.com provides users with six lessons in order to increase the typing speed and also to increase the level of typing accuracy. You will also earn badges and achievements on your voyage towards great typing.

  • Free typing tutor and in order to remove ads, it needs one-off payment
  • Distractionless typing lessons and virtual keyboard
  • Lessons on touch-type programming code
  • Track your progress and earn badges
  • Notifies your problem keys and helps you with it by giving lessons on it
  • Lessons on tech readiness and career preparation

20. UltraKey Keyboarding Tutor

Typing Software for PC

UltraKey Keyboarding Tutor is for anyone who has a passion for typing skills. One who wishes to enhance their keyboarding skills can opt for UltraKey Keyboarding Tutor without any doubt. It is designed especially for professionals and mature students. Training modules are designed based on various editions such as for schools, colleges, organizations, etc…

  • UltraKey Keyboarding Tutor costs $39.90
  • It is a web-based typing tutor
  • Comprehensive progress tracking system to track your skills, speed, and accuracy
  • Learn from the cumulative working experience
  • Avail cross-platform support through virtual keyboard’s support
  • The teaching of keyboarding skills starts from proper posture and positioning
  • One of the best typing software and tutor for teachers

List of some other alternative Typing Software Tutors for PC

  • 10FastFingers.com
  • EduTyping
  • Goodtyping.com
  • Keybr Tutor
  • KTouch Typing Tutor
  • MaxType Pro
  • Nessy Fingers
  • Speed Typing Online
  • The TypingCat
  • Typing Instructor Kids
  • Type Faster
  • TypeKids
  • Typeracer
  • Typing Bolt
  • Typing Fingers LT
  • Typing.io
  • TypingPal
  • TypingQuest
  • Typing Trainer
  • ZenTypist

And goes the list.

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To end, it is always OK to try something new rather than following the same old ones. Discover more Typing Software and choose one which suits you. Hope you find this article super useful. Thank you for reading. Do share your favorite typing software below! Happy Keyboarding!!

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