15 Best Radio Apps for iPhone in 2023 [Updated]

Do people hate music? This is impossible right because people like different genres of music but do not hate music. Music is an integral part of our lives because every day-to-day activity gets along with music. It is refreshing to listen to music and do our work. There are many ways to listen to music. But, Radio is the classical way to enjoy it by setting the frequency, tuning it, searching for the channels, adjusting the volume. This process has always given joy and will give joy. Now let us discuss listening to the radio on the iPhone. Here, we have given the 15 best radio apps for the iPhone, you can use them on your iPhone.

Default apps seem boring or out of date sometimes and no added feature is available in them. Opting for alternative Apps gives added features to the users such as podcasts, recording features, ad-free streaming, and many more features. This is super cool right! This article is going to help you out with this.

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Best Radio Apps for iPhone in 2023

Now, let us have a look at the Best Radio Apps for iPhone:

1. Apple Music

Radio Apps for iPhone

Apple Music is one best way to listen to endless music in your iOS being an Apple service. It nudges the users with unlimited songs from Apple Music Library. All iOS devices are compatible with Apple Music.

  • 70 million songs and Ad-free streaming
  • Broadcast radio stations in and around the world
  • View lyrics and listen offline by downloading
  • Connect with your friends and their playlists
  • Listen now and the CarPlay feature
  • On-demand shows streaming

Cost of Apple Music

  • Student plan @ $4.99/month
    • Individual plan @ $9.99/month
    • Family plan @ $14.99/month

2. Audials Radio & Podcast

Radio Apps for iPhone

Audials Radio & Podcast is an exclusive music streaming app designed for both listening and recording the shows you listen to. The user gets addicted to music by listening to Audials Radio & Podcast. It is free of cost and ad-free.

  • Stream 100000 radio stations and double the times Podcasts to hear
  • Car mode to listen on the go
  • List of shows available while tuning in
  • Add your favorites via pinning
  • Super cool interface

3. Apple Music 1

Radio Apps for iPhone

Apple Music 1 formerly known as Beats1. It is the official music radio station of Apple Inc. Apple Music App gives access to Apple Music 1. With this App enjoy the most complete music experience on the planet!! as Apple says.

  • Live to stream
  • The worldwide radio station at one place
  • Features most out of the music genres and cultures
  • Wide range of individual albums
  • Exclusive Radio app from Apple Music users
  • Introduces new artists
  • Streaming of Originals

4. iHeartRadio

iPhone Radio Apps

iHeartRadio is an American-based broadcast owned by iHeartMedia, Inc. It owns the fame of being the largest radio broadcaster in the U.S. It possesses a live Radio station service, music plays based on your history. iHeart Radio has loads of features which makes it a real competition for other services.

  • Listen to Podcasts
  • Create your own playlists
  • Rate what you listen
  • Personalize your stations
  • Supports in 250 devices
  • Listen to sports, news, comedy radio shows as well
  • Artist Radio stations

The Cost of iHeartRadio is $12.99/month which comes with a free trial.

5. Jango

Radio Apps for iPhone

Jango is a free music streaming service that works online. It is also based in America. Jango is the first service to offer both Internet Radio and Social networking platforms.

  • Internet Radio cum Social networking site
  • Free service and Ad-free listening
  • More than 30 million songs
  • Updating songs weekly
  • Handpicked playlists
  • Listen based on your moods
  • Listen to songs as per your needs such as working out, waking up, meditating, etc…
  • Streaming of independent albums
  • Jango AirPlay @ $30 for 1000 songs
  • Tune in to today’s events and happenings

6. Live365 Radio – Music & Talk

iPhone radio apps

Live 365 Radio – Music & Talk is an internet radio service. Through this, one can develop their own legal online radio station with the help of Live365 Radio tools. This stands in a different plane as it is managed by the enthusiasts of music and talking.

  • Listen to Radio Stations in and around the world from anywhere
  • Streaming of unique radio stations
  • Radio Stations of both professionalists and hobbyists
  • Play from hundreds of genres of music
  • Robotic playlists, online Radio, Am/Fm services
  • Lock screen controls
  • Diverse radio stations
  • Create your own internet radio station in a cost-effective manner

Cost of Live365 Radio plans

Following plans comes with ads and a 7-day free trial

  • Broadcast 1 @ $59/month, Broadcast 2 @ $99/month, Broadcast 3 @ $199/month

7. myTuner Radio – Live Stations

Radio Apps for iPhone

myTuner Radio – Live Stations is one of the best ways to reach out to Radio on iPhone. It is an internet Radio app based in Portugal. It has around Radio Stations in 200 countries. myTuner as a Radio app is available on a wide range of devices. This allows more users to stream the myTuner Radio app.

  • Live Broadcast Radio of best Radio Stations
  • Stream around 50,000 Radio Stations
  • Listen to Music, Sports, News as per your interest
  • More than 100k Podcasts to listen
  • Get access to your homeland Radio Station from anywhere
  • Supports AirPlay
  • Search via your region, favorite genre, etc…
  • Create your own playlists, share with your people, listen in the background

Cost of myTuner Radio

  • Ad-free service @ $9.99/month
    • myTuner Radio
      • $0.99 for 1 week
      • $2.99 for 1 month
      • $5.99 for 3 months
      • $7.99 for 6 months

8. NPR One

Best Radio Apps for iPhone

NPR One is a public radio station player. It stands for National Public Radio. NPR One is a free-of-cost service as it is a nonprofit media organization based in Washington, D.C.

  • Stream the exclusive handmade audio stories
  • Works based on your history
  • Skip if you don’t like hearing it
  • Personalized streaming a yet top content of the day
  • Stream your local station
  • Listen to shows of your interest, podcasts, programs, etc…
  • Many more radio features such as pause, rewind, share, etc…

9. ooTunes Radio – Record & Alarm  

Radio Apps for iPhone

ooTunes Radio – Recording & Alarm is one of the Top 10 best radio Apps given by Tech Digest. It has a large and global database of streaming radio stations. ooTunes Radio is feature-rich and heavy as well. It plays songs similar to the previous one. This is a good sort of sign of an understanding music player.

  • Stream 38,000 internet audios from 150 countries
  • It supports AirPlay
  • Listen to talk shows, go by your favorite genre
  • An innovative exploration of the Radio service
  • Listen to the song and watch it on YouTube in the ooTunes Radio app itself
  • Sleep timer, voice-over, pause, and resume in live streams are available
  • Multitask with ooTunes Radio app
  • Schedule your stream and also record what you wish
  • Play iTunes library for $19.99

ooTunes Radio app purchase costs $4.99

10. Pandora – Streaming Music, Radio & Podcasts

 Best Radio Apps for iPhone

Pandora – Streaming Music, Radio & Podcasts is one top go-to music app for music lovers. With Pandora, you can fine-tune your favorite radio stations. The user can use it on a subscription basis. It also has free service but with limitations such as ads, restrictions, etc. Its fame can be seen through its active user count which is around 64 million.

  • Experience the personalized listening feature
  • Manage your favorite stations based on Artists, genres, etc…
  • Use voice mode command to do the basics such as pause, search, play, etc…
  • Stream the current global hits
  • Many more exclusive features such as Pandora mode, my station, discovery, Artist only, Pandora medium, etc…
  • 4 offline stations to listen to, ad-free streaming, 1,400 podcasts
  • Higher quality audio, skip and replay

Cost of Pandora plans

  • Pandora Plus @ $4.99/month
  • Pandora Premium @ $9.99/month

11. Simple Radio – Live AM FM App

Radio Apps for iPhone

Simple Radio – Live AM FM App is the simplest Radio App with an easy interface to use. There are ardent fans who use Simple Radio App as their personal radio app. It is reliable as well.

  • Stream around 35,000+ radio stations
  • Add stations to your favorite list get instant access to it
  • Explore new genres of music
  • Learn a new language
  • Stream Talk Radio, Trending Music, Sports, News, etc…
  • Via premium avail ad-free streaming and sleep timer
  • Stay connected with your homeland even abroad
  • Make your life interesting musically

The Cost of the Simple Radio ad-free plan is $2.99.

12. TuneIn Radio – Live News, Sports & Music Stations

Radio Apps for iPhone

TuneIn Radio – Live News, Sports & Music Stations app is one of the finest all in one audio app for any user of any category. It feeds you with almost all the audios you need to know to enrich and entertain you. You stream News, Sports, Music, Radio AM/FM, Podcasts, and whatnot. Because of its finest features, it holds around 60 million users.

  • Stream online Radio and Music based on your mood and feeling
  • Listen to the news from people you trust
  • App availability on a wider range of devices
  • Avail of ad-free streaming by subscribing to a premium plan
  • 100000 AM/FM shows to stream
  • You can hear the audio that matters more to you as TuneIN says.

Cost of TuneIn Premium plan

  • @ $9.99/month
  • @ $99.99/year

13. SiriusXM Radio

Radio Apps for iPhone

SiriusXM – Music, Comedy, Sports offers satellite radio and online radio services. It features talk shows, sports, music, radio, artist-branded shows, etc… Through SiriusXM Radio you can stream all the top-notch of all the categories it streams.

  • Ad-free streaming, 155 channels of SiriusXM programming
  • 30-day free trial
  • Stream almost all the original podcasts and top podcasts
  • Develop your own station as per your favorites based on artists, genre, songs, etc…
  • Avail of different contents based on your subscription
  • Breaking News, Shows, Videos, Performances,  and many more to enjoy listening

Cost of SiriusXM Radio

  • Select @ $14.99/month
  • All Success @ $18.99/month
  • Music @ $9.99/month

14. LiveXLive – Slacker Radio

Radio Apps for iPhone

LiveXLive which is powered by Slacker is pronounced as Live by Live. It not only offers music but also video with it. LiveXLive offers live video as well. It features around 420 music stations. It can be accessed with or without a subscription. Features get added on subscription.

  • Users can stream and create their own customized stations
  • Stream audio combined with video
  • Free streaming but with ads
  • Ad-free streaming on subscription
  • Stream the traditional and pre-programmed shows by professionals
  • Listen to 40 live music events every year
  • Every search of yours creates a customized station

Cost of LiveXLive plans

  • LiveXLiveBasic @ $3.99/month
  • LiveXLive Premium @ $9.99/month

Enjoy ad-free streaming, unlimited skips, listen offline, and many more.

15. 8tracks – Best Playlist Radio

Radio Apps for iPhone

It serves as the best internet radio in the arena. 8tracks is an internet radio service that comes with a social networking platform as well. Listen to 8tracks for free or go for a subscription for more added features. It also took a place in the Top 50 Best site for music.

  • Around 2 million playlists to listen for free
  • More independent albums to stream from different genres
  • All sort of playlists based on your mood, genre, artists, occasion
  • Share with your friends, sleep timer feature
  • Animated gifs, no repetitive playlists
  • Create your own music community and share your favorites and know others’ favorites too

Cost of 8tracks plans

  • 8tracks Plus
    • @ $4.99/month
    • @$29.99/year

How to listen to Broadcast Radio on iPhone?

You can avail of the Broadcast of Radio Stations available in your region.

Step1: Say, Hey Siri


Press the side button or Home button and make the request.

Step2: Say the name of the Radio Station you wish to listen to.

Step3: You can also search by typing any of the detail of the Radio Station such as frequency, name, or by using a sign in the search bar.

Step4: Listen to the Radio Station by heading to the Radio Tab.


To wrap, music makes life easier by relieving stress, anxiety, pain. Music is a form of pain killer. But, when it comes to additional features with an App it is like icing on the cake. The above-mentioned Apps serve the purpose of the alternative and Best Radio Apps for iPhone. I hope this article is useful to you. Let us know if there are some better Radio Apps for iPhone in the comments section. Let us all get to know more!!!

Thank you…

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