350+ Best Amazon Firestick Channels List in 2022 [Updated July]

Live life to the fullest and focus on the positive; now focus on this article about the Best Amazon Firestick Channels. On this fine day, we are going to discuss the best channels on the Amazon Firestick device. Alright then, let’s begin to start up this article about Best Amazon Firestick Channels List.

An overview about Amazon Firestick

At first, Amazon Firestick is an awesome streaming device with the Alexa Voice Remote and TV controls. Then this Amazon Firestick device brings you the best home theatre experience in your home. After that, this Amazon Firestick device costs $29.99 with a lot more inbuilt applications on its app section.

Then, with the help of the Amazon Firestick device, you can stream any videos download any media applications and more features on the Amazon Firestick device. After that, you can get the live TV channels at the one-stop destination with more movies, TV Shows, series, and other elements.

Best Amazon Firestick Channels List and their features

Consequently, there are a lot more Channels that are obtainable on the Amazon Firestick device; they are listed below.


Primarily, FOX NOW is an amazing streaming service that provides live TV and Video-On-Demand media content through its platform. Then this FOX NOW network offers many media contents, including The Mick, Empire, the Fox originals, and Fox movies.

Additionally, this FOX NOW service is obtainable on the Amazon Firestick device in the form of the FOX NOW application. After that, you can use this FOX NOW service as a channel on the streaming services, which are Hulu, Vidgo, and Sling TV. Hence, the cost of the FOX NOW subscription is $5.99/month, $64.99/year, or $99 for two years.

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About HBO GO

Meanwhile, This HBO GO is an excellent streaming network, and it allows us to stream all the premium contents which have been aired on HBO. Then you can get all the new releases and classics from the HBO GO streaming service, and it is available in 7 major languages.

Therefore, you can use this HBO GO application on your Amazon Firestick device through its inbuilt app store. In summary, the cost of the HBO GO subscription plan is $14.99/month with additional features.


Likewise, SHOWTIME is an online streaming platform, and it streams all the different genres through its application. After that, this SHOWTIME allows us to have numerous Episodes, dramas, TV Shows, Sports, Documentaries, news, and a lot more.

Consequently, you can use this live TV and on-demand content as a commercial-free service. Therefore, the SHOWTIME costs $10.99/month, and you can use it on Amazon Firestick.

About HULU

As well as, This HULU streaming application is a media streaming platform, and it serves us with live TV and video-on-demand content. Additionally, you can have enormous TV shows, movies, episodes from CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, and more on HULU.

Meanwhile, with this HULU application, you can have the premium series, hit shots, Hulu originals, Kids stuff, and a lot more. Therefore, the subscription plans are Hulu, Hulu (no ads), and Hulu+ Live TV, and they cost $6.99/month, $12.99/month, and $69.99/month.

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For instance, NETFLIX is a popular and leading online streaming platform which allows us to have all the popular and premium media content worldwide. After that, you can use this NETFLIX application on your Amazon Firestick device, and it is obtainable through its pre-installed app section.

In Addition to this NETFLIX application, you can stream a huge number of award-winning movies, documentary stuff, anime, TV shows, and more on NETFLIX. Hence, the subscription plans of NETFLIX are Basic, Standard, and Premium plans; then, it costs $9.99, $15.49, and 19.99 per month.


Consequently, COMEDY CENTRAL is an amazing streaming service that streams all the elements of Comedy stuff. Then you can watch all media content, including funny series, stand-up comedy picks, animated series, and a lot more episodes on COMEDY CENTRAL.

After that, you can get all the streams of COMEDY CENTRAL in the Amazon Firestick device through its application. Therefore, the subscription cost of COMEDY CENTRAL is $69.99/month with a 7-day free trial.


Meanwhile, This FUBO TV is a particular application for the streams of sports events; then, it is also an online streaming application. Likewise, Through this FUBO TV application, you can have all the updates and news of the sports events. Then you also can stream team’s shows, movies, highlights, commentary, exclusive shots, and more on FUBO TV.

Hence, there are three subscription plans on FUBO TV they are Starter, Pro, Elite, and Latino Quarterly. Therefore, these plan costs $64.99/month, $69.99/month, $79.99/month, and $99/qtr on the FUBO TV.

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More Amazon Firestick Channels

Additionally, we will present you with more Firestick Channels, they are.

  • 4k Nature Relax TV   
  • 247 Comedy  
  • 247 Horror Movies   
  • A&E   
  • ABC   
  • 247 Drama
  • ABC News      
  • ACC Digital Network 
  • Acorn TV       
  • Adult Swim    
  • Afro Sports    
  • Aha    
  • AHC GO         
  • AirTV 
  • All Fitness TV 
  • Amazing Classics       
  • Amazon Music
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • AMC  
  • And We Know
  • Animal Planet Go      
  • Anime Strike 
  • AOL On          
  • Apple TV+      
  • Aqua TV         
  • Archos Video 
  • AsianCrush    
  • AT&T TV        
  • Atmosphere  
  • AWE  
  • AXS TV
  • Bare Knuckle TV        
  • BBC America 
  • Beachbody on Demand         
  • BET+  
  • Bible Videos  
  • Bigstar Movies & TV 
  • Black World Cinema 
  • Bleacher Report Live
  • Blim TV
  • Bloomberg    
  • Body FX Home Fitness
  • Boomerang   
  • Bravo Now    
  • BritBox          
  • Brown Sugar 
  • BTN+ 
  • BYUtv
  • Campus Insiders        
  • Candy Crush Saga     
  • Canela TV
  • Car Show Television  
  • Cartoon Network      
  • CBS    
  • CBS All Access (now Paramount+)    
  • Classic Movies & TV Shows
  • CBS News      
  • CBS Sports     
  • Channel PEAR
  • CBS Full Episodes & Live TV 
  • Classic TV      
  • CNBC 
  • CNNGo          
  • Conspiracy Channel Plus       
  • Cooking Channel       
  • Cops  
  • Crackle          
  • CRTV 
  • Crunchyroll   
  • Cult Movie TV
  • CuriosityStream        
  • CW Seed        
  • Daily Burn     
  • Daystar
  • Daily Workouts         
  • Dailymotion  
  • DAZN 
  • Daily Motion           
  • DC Universe  
  • Defense TV    
  • Destination America Go       
  • DIRECTV NOW          
  • Discovery Go 
  • Disney XD      
  • DISH Anywhere         
  • Disney Junior 
  • Discovery Life Go
  • Disney+         
  • DisneyNow    
  • DIY Network  
  • DKB Handball Bundesliga     
  • Doc NYC        
  • Docurama     
  • DOGTV Online
  • Drama Fever 
  • Driving Sport TV        
  • Dust SciFi
  • E! Now
  • EarthCamTV  
  • Encore Play   
  • Epic TV          

Want to know more Firestick Channels List, scroll over here

  • EPIX   
  • Eros Now       
  • ESPN  
  • ET Live
  • Facebook       
  • Facebook Video         
  • Fan TV
  • FandangoNow
  • Fawsome.TV  
  • Feeln 
  • Film Festival Favorites          
  • Film Movement        
  • FilmRise        
  • Filmstruck     
  • Filmzie
  • FITE   
  • Flixon TV       
  • FOX News   
  • Food Network
  • Food Network Kitchen
  • Fox Business  
  • Flixster
  •  Free TV    
  • Watch Fox Sports Go
  • Free Movies Plus
  • FOX Soccer Match Pass           
  • Freeform   
  • Freeli TV        
  • Frequency     
  • Frightpix        
  • Frndly TV                   
  • Funimation    
  • Funny Or Die 
  • FXNow
  • Gaia for Fire TV        
  • Gaither TV     
  • Game Show Network
  • GameFly Streaming  
  • Gardonville Stream TV         
  • Genius Kitchen          
  • GFQ.Tv
  • GoPro Channel          
  • Great Movie Classics
  • GrindHouse Movie Channel  
  • GT Channel   
  • Hallmark Channel Everywhere         
  • Hallmark Movies Now          
  • Halloween Flix
  • Halloween Plus
  • Hard Knocks Fighting
  • Hasbro Studios          
  • Hauppauge myTV     
  • Haystack TV              
  • HBO Max      
  • HBO Now      
  • HD Video for YouTube           
  • HGTV Go       
  • High School Cube      

Scroll More to get Best Firestick Channels List

  • History
  • History Vault 
  • Hollywood Ticker      
  • Hotlist
  • Hotstar          
  • HuffPost Live 
  • iComedy        
  • IFC     
  • iFood.tv         
  • IGN    
  • iHeart Radio  
  • IndieFlix         
  • InstaTV           
  • Investigation Discovery GO  
  • Jagged Movies & TV 
  • Jeopardy PlayShow   
  • Kanopy
  • Kids for YouTube       
  • Kino Lorber   
  • Lifetime         
  • Local Now     
  • Luka Free Movies & Fitness  
  • Manga
  • March Madness Live
  • Marquee Sports Network     
  • Marquee TV  
  • Maury Show  
  • Maverick Free Black Cinema
  • MBC On Demand      
  • MHz Choice   
  • MLB at Bat    
  • Mobile Tube for YouTube     
  • Movie Nite    
  • Movies Anywhere     
  • Movies Plus   
  • MTV  
  • Mubi  
  • MyOutdoorTV
  • Mystery Movies Now
  • NASA 
  • Nat Geo TV     
  • NBA for Fire TV         
  • NBC   
  • NetTV Plus
  • Newsy  
  • NBC Sports Gold        
  • NDTV News – India   
  • NBC News  
  • Newsmax TV 
  • NBC Sports
  • NFL    
  • NOW TV Streaming
  • NFL Sunday Ticket     
  • NHL   
  • NFL Fantasy Football   
  • NPR One for Fire TV 
  • Om Nom Toons         
  • On Classic Movies     
  • One America News Network
  • OVGuide        
  • OWN 
  • Pandora         
  • Paramount    
  • Paramount+  
  • Paranormal Investigation TV

Get to know more Firestick Channels List

  • PBS Kids         
  • PBS Video      
  • PeopleTV       
  • PGA Tour        
  • Philo  
  • PlayStation Vue         
  • Pluto TV         
  • Popcornflix    
  • Popular Science        
  • Portico
  • PTZtv One     
  • PureFlix         
  • Qello Concerts          
  • QFQ.Tv          
  • Quibi
  • QVC   
  • Radio.com     
  • Rakuten Viki  
  • Red Bull TV   
  • Redux TV       
  • Reelgood Streaming Guide   
  • Revision3       
  • Rooster Teeth
  • Rotana+ Arabic Channel       
  • Science Channel GO 
  • SeeSo 
  • SelecTV         
  • Shudder         
  • SiFi Movie Channel   
  • Simply Yoga  
  • Skuff TV         
  • Sky News       
  • Sling TV         
  • Slingplayer for Fire TV          
  • Smart Movies
  • Smithsonian Channel
  • Smithsonian Earth     
  • Snag Films     
  • Sony Crackle 
  • SonyLIV          
  • Spotify
  • SpradeTV       
  • Stadium         
  • Starz  
  • StreamTV
  • Sun NXT         
  • Sundance Now
  • Sundance TV 
  • SyFy   
  • Talkie TV       
  • TastyTrade    
  • TBN   
  • TCT    
  • TCT Now        
  • Telemundo    
  • Telemundo Deportes
  • Tennis Channel         
  • The CW         
  • The Film Detective    
  • The Roku Channel
  • The Weather Channel
  • The Zeus Network     
  • Thriller Movie Channel
  • Tidal  
  • TiVo   
  • TLC Go
  • TMZ   
  • TNT    
  • Travel Channel          
  • True Crime Network 
  • truTV 
  • Tube  
  • Tubi TV          
  • TuneIn
  • TV & Movie Classics
  • TVision
  • TWC TV         
  • Twit.Tv
  • Twitch Livestream    
  • U-Verse for Fire TV   
  • UFC    
  • URLTV.TV      
  • UP Faith & Family     
  • USA Network 
  • USA Now       
  • Uyanık TV Box
  • V Live
  • Valorous TV   
  • Velocity Go    
  • Vevo  
  • VH1   
  • Viewster        

Go head to get more Firestick Channels List

  • Viki    
  • Vimeo
  • VINA  
  • VivoPlay        
  • VLC for Fire   
  • VRV   
  • ABC  
  • WATCH ABC Family  
  • Cooking Channel     
  • Disney Channel        
  • Disney Junior
  • WATCH Disney XD    
  • Food Network
  • Watch HGTV 
  • OWN  
  • Weather
  • TCM   
  • TNT    
  • Travel Channel          
  • WatchESPN   
  • Watchit for Reddit    
  • WE tv 
  • Watch TBS        
  • Weather4us  
  • WeatherNation         
  • Western Classic Movies
  • WiFi Live TV
  • WWE Network
  • What to Watch on Fire TV    
  • Wicked Horror TV     
  • Western Legends  
  • Willow
  • Wrestling TV Channel
  • WSJ Live        
  • Western Mania
  • Xplore TV      
  • XUMO Free Movies & TV     
  • Yahoo
  • YouTube        
  • YouTube TV   
  • YuppTV          
  • Ziggo Go TV 

Final Verdict

Consequently, Here we listed out all the Channels of Amazon Firestick devices; you can have these channels on the app section of Amazon Firestick. For instance, I thought this article would present you with the Best Amazon Firestick Channels. Therefore, we conclude that this article’s Best Amazon Firestick Channels will be an advantageous one to you; thank you with lots of love.

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