How to Watch Apple TV on PS5? [Updated 2022]

Watching our favorite shows and movies on our desired devices with the best-personalized suggestions is the best thing ever. Finding the platform with all those features may seem difficult. But it’s not like that. Because there is a platform that has all those features, and that’s Apple TV. Many streaming devices supports the Apple TV app. From that, PS5 is one of them. Today, we are going to know such significant facts about Apple TV and how to download and install Apple TV App on PS5.

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What is Apple TV App?

Apple TV on PS5

Apple TV App is the service that was designed by Apple. Enjoy all your favorites shows on Apple TV. The Apple TV service was first launched in the US on the 12th of December, 2016. Stream whatever you want such as Movies, TV Shows, Sports, News, and On-demand content on Apple TV. The platforms that are supported with Apple TV are iPhone, iPad, Airplay, Apple TV, Mac, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV, Vizio SmartCast TV, Sony Smart TV.

Features of Apple TV App

The following are shortlisted features of Apple TV.

  • Stream Apple Originals, Movies, TV Shows, Live Sports, News on Apple TV.
  • Stream your favorites from Apple TV+, a la carte, iTunes Store, and other streaming services such as Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, and so on.
  • Buy or rent titles.
  • Stream premium channels including Showtime, Starz, CBS All Access, and so on.
  • Stream contents from the cable TV providers such as AT&T TV and Spectrum.
  • Personalized suggestions from all your streaming services.
  • Get notified with Live Scores of your favorite Sports on Apple TV.

Is Apple TV available on PlayStation 5?

Yes, a dedicated Apple TV app is available for PS5. So installing the Apple TV app on your PlayStation 5 will be easy. You can do it with simple steps. In this article, you’ll get the steps on how to install Apple TV on PlayStation 5.

How to Install Apple TV on PS5?

Proceed with the following procedure to install the Apple TV app on your PlayStation 5.

Step1: Couple your PlayStation 5 and TV.

Step2: Power on them and allow your PlayStation 5 to access the internet or Wi-Fi.

Step3: Then, Tap the Media tab on your PS5 using your PlayStation 5 controller.

Apple TV on PS5

Step4: Now access the All Apps icon on your PlayStation 5 game console.

Apple TV on PS5

Step5: Discover the Apple TV app and prefer it.

Apple TV on PS5

Step6: Then choose the Download option to install the Apple TV app on your PlayStation 5.

Apple TV on PS5

Now you’ve installed the Apple TV app on your PlayStation 5.

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How to Activate Apple TV App on PS5?

To activate the Apple TV app on your PlayStation 5, proceed with the following steps. Before getting into the procedure, create an Apple ID.

Step1: After installing the Apple TV app on your PlayStation 5, open it.

Step2: Specify Settings and then choose the Accounts option.

Apple TV on PS5

Step3: Then choose the Sign-in option.

Step4: Choose either Sign In on Mobile Device or Sign In on This TV.

Sign In on Mobile Device: Scan the QR code on your Mobile device which is displayed on your PlayStation 5 connected TV.

Sign In on This TV: Now enter your Apple ID’s credentials.
Now you’ve activated the Apple TV app on your PlayStation 5.

How to Sign Out of Apple TV on PS5?

To sign out of Apple TV on your PlayStation 5, get along with the steps.
Step1: Access the Apple TV app on your PlayStation 5.

Step2: Access Settings and choose the Accounts.

Step3: Then specify the Sign out option in the Apple TV app on your PlayStation 5.

That’s it.

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Final Words

Apple TV is the service to stream your library and personalized suggestions. Enjoy all your favorite shows in one place with Apple TV. Sometimes, the personalized suggestion content may direct you to the other streaming services due to some restrictions. Hope this article will help you to stream Apple TV on PS5.

Thank you.

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