How to Install the Apple TV app on LG Smart TV in 2023? [Updated Guide]

We have plenty of streaming services that make us enjoy our favorites online. Though we have masses of streaming services, we have to select the one with the most advanceable and assuredly best-qualified streaming services. One of the best-known streaming services online is the Apple TV app. Today’s article is about how to install the Apple TV app on LG Smart TV. Let’s see the article to find the ways to install the Apple TV app.

Apple TV app

The software programmed media player flourished by Apple Inc. is the Apple TV app. It’s a subscription-based ad-free streaming service for viewing all the television movies and shows delivered by Apple to its viewer’s electronic devices. Now it’s an effortless thing to approach the Apple TV app on your Smart TVs. Apple TV app is not only available in Apple TV but also available in all other smart TVs like Roku, Samsung Tizen. LG webOS, etc. You can subscribe to any of your favorite channels on the Apple TV app and enjoy.

Guide to Install Apple TV app on LG Smart TV

The following are the procedure for installing Apple TV app on LG Smart TV. Follow the procedure to install the app successfully and enjoy your favorites online.

Step1: Open the home launcher in the LG Smart TV using your remote control.

Step2: By steering the LG content store, you could see the Apple TV app on your device.

Apple TV on LG Smart TV

Step3: Touch the app for installing and press the install button to download the Apple TV app.

Apple TV App on LG Smart TV

Step4: For opening the installed Apple TV app, steer back to the home screen.

Step5: Click the Start watching option.

Step6: To sign in with your Apple ID, touch the settings to enter the accounts for sign-in.

Step7: Those who don’t have a sign-in Apple ID, can undoubtedly open their new Apple ID using Apple’s website.

Guide to Watch Apple TV on LG Smart TV via Airplay:

Not only by installing the Apple TV app on LG Smart TV, but you can also watch it via Airplay on your LG Smart TV. The steps followed are used for you to understand the procedure:

Step1: With the same Wi-Fi connection, strap your both iPhone or iPad and LG Smart TV.

Step2: Go to the LG Smart TV Home Dashboard Menu.

Step3: In the menu, select the Airplay option.

Step4: Permit the Airplay feature and for affirmation, launch into the passcode on your iPhone.

Step5: On your iPhone or iPad, click the Apple TV app.

Step6: Touch the Airplay icon and pick your LG Smart TV.

Step7: Select any video on the Apple TV that will pop up on your LG Smart TV.

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To conclude:

Hope you all understood about the installation of the Apple TV app on your LG Smart TV. Apple TV app consists of a mass number of features, download with affordable subscription and enjoy the features of it. Thanks for your reading.

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