Amazon Prime App on Vizio Smart TV: How to Install and Stream [2022]

Over-the-top (OTT) is one of the imminent media services which can feed a viewer to watch movies, series, or TV shows by streamlining over the internet. Vizio is familiar as the second best-selling Smart TV brand, back of Samsung in the United States and the Vizio is known for endlessly providing brand new aspects to enhance the development of Smart TV by upholding numerous OTT streaming platforms. In the middle of many streaming apps, we can use Amazon Prime App on Vizio smart TV

Get to know about Amazon Prime

Amazon prime is the pivotal OTT streamline platform. By exploring Amazon Prime, you can able to watch live sports events, films, television series, or international shows. As a part of Amazon Prime, you can stream the movies and services which are all produced by Amazon Studios, named as Amazon originals. Amazon Prime offers the viewers by providing services like purchasing video content, you can rent a video, content adds-on, hosting content from other numerous providers. Throughout the Amazon prime library, the USA has the selection of best content.

Amazon prime also provides channels which are called Amazon channels, it can let the users to watch videos from other content providers within Amazon Prime Video subscription-like

  • AMC+
  • Epix
  • Shudder
  • Pantaya
  • Acorn TV
  • Boomerang
  • BBC Select
  • Discovery+
  • Noggin
  • Cinemax
  • Paramount+
  • Tastemade
  • BET+
  • Curiosity Stream
  • Showtime
  • Allblk
  • Ameba TV

Is Amazon Prime is Cost-efficient?

Yes, Amazon Prime is a modest online streaming platform. It costs $12.99/month (plus taxes) for monthly prime members, $6.49/month (plus taxes) for monthly student members, and $8.99/month (plus taxes) for prime video membership. Then you can get 30 days free trial period also. Make use of prime membership discount by qualifying Government assistance recipients and EBT and to pay $5.99/month for four years maximum by verifying your eligibility to visit Look over the official website for more offers and it is a budget-friendly platform.

Is Amazon Prime on Vizio smart TV?

Regarding the usage of Amazon Prime on Vizio smart TV, you can easily get the Amazon prime on Vizio Smart TV directly from the app store itself.

Installation Process of Amazon Prime on Vizio Smart TV

Step1: Turn on the Vizio smart TV and make sure it is connected to an internet connection.

Step2: Click on the V-button on the remote to open Smartcast Home.

Amazon Prime App on Vizio Smart TV

Step3: Take a look at pre-installed core apps in Vizio Smart TV.

Amazon Prime App on Vizio Smart TV

Step4: Locate Amazon prime and click on the Sign-in button to get into your Prime video subscription and enter the email and password.

Step5: Then you can get into the Amazon Prime Video app and start exploring the Amazon Prime on Vizio Smart TV.

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Alternative way to install and use Amazon Prime Video on Vizio Smart TV

By Casting option

If  your Vizio smart TV doesn’t support the install option for certain apps manually, so you can use the casting option

Models of VizioSmart TV (2016-2017) with no apps can make use of the Smartcast platform. After the year 2018, all the Vizio Smart TVs will have built-in Chromecast and screencast support from a compatible casting device.

Steps for Casting

Step1: Connect your smartphone and Vizio smart TV with the same wifi connection.

Step2: Click the apps section on your smartphone and search for Amazon prime app and then click on the Amazon prime Logo.

Amazon Prime on Vizio Smart TV

Step3: Turn on a video by clicking the play icon on the smartphone.

Step4: Locate the cast icon and click it on, then scan for the device

Amazon Prime on Vizio Smart TV

Step5: Select the Vizio smart TV to start casting and enjoy the video

By chrome Browser

Step1: To start casting, connect Vizio smart TV with PC make sure it has an internet connection

Step2: Click on Amazon prime app on PC (or visit and login to your account with your email and password

Step3: Click on the Chrome browser and open a tab

Step4: Click the three dots option on the upper right section.

Step5: Then a drop-down menu will appear, select cast in it

Amazon Prime Video on Vizio Smart TV

Step6: In a cast pop-up menu, click on a cast desktop

Amazon Prime Video on Vizio Smart TV

Step7: Then select Vizio Smart TV and the desktop will appear on VizioSmart TV and you start exploring the Amazon prime

Amazon Prime is the greatest entertainment platform. You can operate this all over the world. Make use of this Amazon Prime for a very affordable price which is $12.99/month with add-on services. So it is entrusted to subscribe to the streaming service.

That’s it. Hope it would be a fruitful article about how to explore Amazon Prime Video on Vizio Smart TV.

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