25 Best eBook Reader Apps in 2022: Best 25 Reading Apps for Book Lovers

Reading books is never out of fashion. Reading a book will penetrate through us. It preaches, teaches, excites, emotes us, and whatnot. A book can do whatever a human being can influence us with. Though it is a non-living thing, it has life in it and spreads it among the readers. It also becomes an addiction. Reading is the same inspite of any platform we read. To get along with digitalization, let us have a look at the Best ebook reader apps in 2021

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1. Aldiko Book Reader

best ebook reader apps

Aldiko Book Reader is one of the best ebook reader apps. It is preferred by many because of its availability on both Android and iOS devices. Browse a lot of books and download them to your personal library of your device. It gives a feel of choosing a book from the library bookshelf because of its bookshelf interface.

  • Access it for free or pay $4.99
  • Users from 200 countries and 30+ million users
  • Supports EPUB, PDF, Adobe DRM forms, and encrypted books
  • Access books from the public library
  • Customize your reading experience
  • Start from where you left
  • Virtual bookshelf
  • Import your own books and read
  • Lock the orientation of the display

2. AIReader – Any Text Book Reader

best ebook reader apps

AIReader is an exclusive ebook app to read any book of format from your device itself. It doesn’t read all the formats but only a few formats. AIReader has a very simple interface which makes the users easier to read and arrange the e-books in a  personal way the users need.

  • It is available for free
  • Also, access it by paying between $0.99 to $9.72
  • Text-to-speech feature
  • Available in 6 major languages
  • Wave and slide with an auto-scroll function
  • Add shortcuts to your home screen
  • Sync your reading position

3. Amazon Kindle

best ebook reader apps

Amazon Kindle includes e-books from textbooks to comics. It was developed by Amazon. Using this Amazon Kindle device, you can search, read, buy books and newspapers, etc. It is been addressed as the largest e-book store. It allows you to avail the dictionary feature. You can customize your reading experience by adjusting font size, type, etc.

  • It is free to access and you can also view it by paying
  • Millions of e-books, comics, newspapers, etc
  • Sync it with other devices
  • 5 language e-books are available
  • Have an eye on your progress in reading a book
  • Read it anywhere and at anytime
  • Flip pages have access to textbooks too

4. Bluefire Reader

best ebook reader apps

Bluefire Reader is the best ebook reader apps, it is available for Android, iOS, and Windows devices. It offers a whole lot of features that an e-book reader app should let it for its users. Using Bluefire Reader one can access their own personal library by importing it and having an exclusive experience of reading an original book.

  • EPUB and PDF formats are supported
  • Customize your reading experience
  • Download books to your personal library
  • Import your books and access them via Bluefire Reader
  • Recommend books to your family and friends via mail, SMS, Facebook, etc.
  • Organize your books
  • Online dictionary
  • Purchase and download books
  • Bookmark where you last read

5. Bookari E-book Reader Premium

best ebook reader apps

The next one in our list for the best ebook reader apps is Bookari. Bookari E-book Reader Premium is one of the well-known apps in the field of e-book reader app. The user-friendly feature, synchronized library, flexibility has captivated the audience in a larger sense. It is offered by Mantano.

  • Sync across devices
  • Your books are protected against hacking
  • Highlight your text, take notes, add notes and organize it in your bookshelf
  • Advanced search function, personalized table of contents, edit the book’s details
  • Browse and ads books easily
  • Connect it with your Dropbox account

6. ComiXology

best ebook reader apps

ComiXology is one of the best platforms to avail millions of comics. Not only comics but also graphic novels and Manga to the users. It is available on Android, iOS, Windows, and Kindle platforms. This invites a lot more users to it. It is Amazon.com‘s subsidiary.

  • Pay $5.99/month to avail of ComiXology
  • It also comes with Prime membership at no extra cost
  • Buy books and have them in your removable storage
  • Read books offline too
  • Avail cinematic experience and get a realistic reading and viewing experience
  • Get access to topmost comics, graphic novels such as Marvel, ComiXology originals, and its digitally distributed works

7. Cool Reader

best ebook reader apps

Cool Reader is a go-to e-book reader app for the users to read e-books of various and variety of formats. You get the experience of reading from a book because of its features as flipping pages from a book, its orientation, etc.

  • Supports various formats of reading e-books
  • Has an online bookstore
  • Avail of additional fonts styles and types
  • Customize font size, brightness, etc to have a comfortable reading experience

8. EBookDroid

best ebook reader apps

EBookDroid is the topnotch app to view your Documents in the way you would like to view them, getting them customized. It also has the fame of a full-featured e-book reader app. EBookDroid supports the majority of the formats such as DjVu, PDF, XPS (OpenXPS), fb2 and fb2.zip, CBR and cbz, EPUB, RTF, MOBI, and AWZ3.

  • It is free yet you can avail of premium features by paying $2.99
  • Avail flexible font mapping
  • Highlight your text, avail annotations, get support from an external dictionary
  • It is a highly acceptable app compared to the top apps as it avails of various compatible formats

9. FBReader

best ebook reader apps

FBReader is an e-book reader app for various platforms which includes Android, iOS, and more. It supports EPUB, FictionBook, HTML, plucker, PalmDoc, zTxt, TCR, CHM, RTF, OEB, Mobi without DRM, and plain-text.

  • FBReader is free of cost e-book reader
  • Avail premium @ $5.99
  • Locate any phrase or word in the e-book or document
  • Avail of cloud sync and rotate pages as per your wish
  • Get access to a wide range of online e-book services and stores via an in-app browser
  • Access various dictionaries while you read
  • Libraries of various countries to access

10. Foxit PDF Reader

best ebook reader apps

Foxit PDF Reader is one of the best ebook reader apps. It is an all in one app where you can create, view, read, edit, print, and save your documents. It is available on all platforms. Though it is a PDF Reader app it works well with e-books too. Its features are exclusive for an e-book reader app. It is secure enough and reliable as well.

  • The primary app is free
  • Topnotch features can be availed of by paying $0.99
  • The app reads your book and offers audio and video stuff
  • Add annotations to your file, signature, stamp, etc.
  • Loaded with 12 languages for worldwide usage
  • You have your file under your control

11. FullReader

best ebook reader apps

FullReader was formerly known as FReader, it is one of the advanced apps for e-book reading. It allows you to access all types of file formats from the top one to the least used one. You can donate in order to support the App’s development, otherwise, the FullReader app is free to use.

  • Audiobook feature
  • Easy to use stylish interface
  • My library categorized on various criteria
  • Store your books in cloud storage
  • In-app translator loaded with 95 languages
  • Highlight text, use bookmark, different modes, tap zones, and many more

12. Google Play Books

best ebook reader apps

Google Play Books is one of the go-to virtual bookstores. It is loaded with all sorts of reading material like e-books of a variety of formats, comics, magazines, etc. This is one of the competitive apps amongst e-book reader apps. This is all because of its features that an e-book reader app can let out for its users.

  • Free to use for many books
  • Some books’ cost varies according to the book
  • Millions of reading material to read
  • Avail audiobooks
  • Use it on various devices with one account
  • Catch up where you left
  • Sync yours with google drive

13. Hoopla Digital

best ebook reader apps

Hoopla Digital is an all-in-one streaming platform that streams e-books, movies, books, TV, and music. It is one of the best ebook reader apps. This reduces the use of various apps and provides more space on your device. It is designed for both web and mobiles. Hoopla Digital gives access to a variety of digital media and content.

  • It is free to use but there is a limit to access books or movies or any content
  • Avail books, e-books, etc.. from a public library via Hoopla Digital
  • Borrow e-books, comics, audiobooks, etc.
  • Read, stream and watch in offline mode by downloading
  • Hoopla is for everyone as it covers all genres and categories, having 800,000 contents

14. Kobo Books

best ebook reader apps

Kobo Books was introduced as a small step of being an alternative to the e-book reader apps which were expensive. It is designed with an electronic ink screen. It owns around 5 million materials to read. This possesses the feature of attracting all kinds of people to Kobo Books. Kobo is another best ebook reader apps.

  • $5 is credited for the new reader and user to buy books
  • Free to download but have to pay for books
  • Experts chosen audiobooks, schedule them as well
  • Customize your reading experience based on your convenience
  • Loaded with 9 languages
  • Choose books to read after seeing the review
  • Hourly updates of e-books

15. Libby

best ebook reader app

Libby is offered by OverDrive Inc. Using Libby, one can borrow e-books and read them from the public library. It is one of the reliable e-book reader apps according to the library patrons. Libby owns various fame of being one of the Best free software, the 2010s best 20 apps, 2018’s best app for iPhone and Android. Libby will definitely occupy one spot in the best ebook reader apps list.

  • It is absolutely a Free e-book reader app
  • Sync across devices with bookmarks, text highlighting, etc.
  • Access audiobooks
  • Download and read it offline
  • Connect it with CarPlay, Android Auto and play it in your car
  • Avail of this in Kindle as well

16. Media365 eBooks

best ebook reader app

Media 365 eBooks app is a top app because of its fascinating stories and original content. This is a simple app but tops the list. It supports around 3 dozen file formats. Media 365 eBooks are loaded with almost all available genres, which gives rise to more users.

  • It is Free to avail
  • It costs up to $4.99 to remove ads
  • Customize your reading experience as per your convenience
  • Daily updates of new books
  • Publish your story
  • Read it offline and hear to audiobooks too
  • Convert your e-book format which you import
  • Read aloud feature

17. Moon+ Reader

best ebook reader apps

Moon+ Reader is a feature-rich e-book reader app. It is loaded with thousands and thousands of e-books and online e-book libraries. Moon+ Reader is designed innovatively with various power controls and full functions. It avails around 10 themes and loaded with 40 languages.

  • Avail it for Free and read
  • Remove ads by just paying $4.99
  • Adjust the visual options as per your personal interests – long time healthy reading
  • All screen orientations
  • Text-to-speech function, statistics functions
  • Add annotations, headset and Bluetooth key controls, and many more

18. NOOK

NOOK is an award-winning app designed by Barnes & Noble. It is famous for its digital reading experience. It is one of the competitive apps in the field of e-book reader app. Nook has all the customizing options that an e-book reader app can have. It supports e-books, comics, graphic novels, manga, magazines, newspapers.

  • Free to download
  • Payment varies according to the book
  • Loaded with 4 million reading materials
  • 75,000 titles are free to access
  • Read and Record feature
  • Get a rich and customized reading experience
  • Get your library organized
  • Share your interests and more via social networks

19. Oodles E-book Reader

best ebook reader app

Oodles E-book Reader gives you 50,000 free e-books to read. You can access e-books, audiobooks, etc. It is a go-to personalized reader app. The best part is Oodles has the English classics which are rich in language and literature.

  • Free to access
  • Supports English and Hindi
  • Import from your device and read it in the Oodles EBook Reader app
  • Get a customized reading with your personalized interests
  • Read works of world-famous authors and writers of English and Hindi

20. OverDrive

best ebook reader apps

OverDrive is one of the legal sources to read and borrow free e-books. You can get books from the public library without any late fee. It offers 24*7 library access. But, it doesn’t give various features that other e-book reader apps give. It is loaded with e-books, audiobooks & video streaming.

  • It is free of cost app to use
  • Over 40,000 libraries under OverDrive
  • Sync with libraries
  • Have direct contact with the library and have library access
  • Access different collections from different libraries

21. PocketBook Reader

best ebook reader apps

PocketBook Reader is one of the oldest e-book reader app. Also, it has the required features to get readers to the app. This supports almost all the common file formats which include 26 book and audio formats. It features e-books, magazines, comics, textbooks, etc.

  • Free to access e-book reader app
  • Listen to audiobooks
  • Use cloud service and go ahead with synchronization
  • Use books from Dropbox, Google Drive, Google PlayBooks, etc.
  • Simple interface, easy navigation, a convenient reading experience

22. Prestigio Book Reader

best ebook reader apps

Prestigio Book Reader is a famous app for e-book reading. This apps has its name changed frequently. It supports around 25 languages and multi-text format. It is loaded with 50,000 texts. Prestigio makes reading as simple as possible.

  • Free to read but with ads
  • To remove ads you should pay $2.99
  • Donate in favor of the app development up to $100
  • Switch to Text-to-speech format
  • Personalize your reading experience
  • Avail inbuilt dictionary
  • Download books, scan libraries, etc.

23. ReadEra

best ebook reader apps

ReadEra has the fame of being the Best e-book reader app at no cost and with better features. The best part is, it does not force the readers to subscribe for any service or donation or removing ads. And also, it works on offline mode as well. This is amazing! Though it is free, it is reliable as well.

  • It is a better option of Free e-book reader app
  • Supports the following formats: PDF, EPUB, Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX, RTF), Kindle (MOBI, AZW3), DJVU, FB2, TXT, ODT and CHM
  • Read 2 different documents at a time via split-screen mode
  • Read all popular books, journals, articles, documents, etc.
  • Acts as a Best book manager of your Library
  • Avail of convenient reading and navigate easily through the book

24. Scribd

best ebook reader apps

Scribd is pretty famous and surfers might have known it pretty sure. This is because, whenever you search for something related to studies and research, Scribd always has the solution for sure. Scribd offers unlimited reading access to books, audiobooks, magazines, articles, documents, etc. It also works as partners with famous publishers. Scribd offers a 30-day free trial.

  • It costs $9.99/month
  • It also has sheet music collections
  • Get access to the world’s largest document library via Scribd
  • Download and read & listen to it offline
  • Customize your reading
  • Sync with multiple devices
  • It is ad-free which is not annoying and uninterrupted

25. Wattpad

best ebook reader app

Wattpad is a user-friendly app. This is not because of its easy use but it generates the contents of the users’. It can be used on the web and mobile. You read content from established writers as well as from upcoming writers. The stories are published in episodic forms for free or as a paid story. It avails stories, novels, books, e-books, etc.

  • Premium features @ $5.99/month
  • Millions of stories with about 50 languages
  • It has 90 million readers connected to it globally
  • Browse based on your favorite genres
  • Avail of stories in a plethora of languages
  • Read and write and let people read your works via Wattpad


To end, reading seems to be boring but once you taste the fruit of reading you won’t deny reading. It has many benefits, to say one: reading books results in problem-solving skills by default. This may sound weird but it is true. Though life gets easier with technology, day-by-day writers also get multiplied. Let us take time to encourage them by reading their works. Hope you find this article super useful. Thank you for reading.

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